Documentary on Human Growth Hormone

I am doing a documentary on HGH. Once completed, it will be free to copy, distribute and share as you please. I will upload it on YouTube and also make a high quality version available for download.

I would like this to be an ultimate, "open source" documentary on human growth hormone, where anyone can contribute their relevant video footage. Everything useful will then be put together as professionally as my budget allows. The way I imagine it, it should be great.

I need your help

I need to do a ton of interviews with first hand HGH users. Be it athletes, bodybuilders, people who use it for anti ageing, people who use it for medical purposes, treatment of burns, injuries, etc. Every story can come in handy. If you don't want your identity shown, you can face away from the camera. If you don't want your real voice to be heard and you have something great to say, I will get a voiceover done for you.

It would be great though if we could get some brave people to talk openly, their identities known and voices heard. We need to establish credibility for every speaker. For bodybuilders it's easy - if you are huge or perfectly shaped, that's your credibility right there:)

Even if english is not your native language, try to speak it. If necessary we will add subtitles to make it understandable.

Guidelines for recording the video:

  • use a HD camera (even most high quality smartphones have an adequate cam nowadays - set the video on maximum quality).
  • make the audio clear, speak loud enough, avoid recording in the wind, turn off background music
  • use a tripod or place the camera on something steady, there should be no shaking
  • use plenty of light if recording indoors. If outdoors, don't do it in direct sunlight, it will make the image too bright
  • tell your story as best you can

Some ideas on the types of videos that would come in handy:

  • show how to properly mix and inject the HGH
  • demonstrate intramuscular and subcutaneous injection
  • talk about proper handling and storage of growth hormone
  • bodybuilders, show your bodies while describing what growth hormone did for you
  • if you took it in combination with something else, let us know about your results
  • guide us through your cycle, talk about the effects you felt, when they became noticeable
  • talk about side effects
  • go through this website to get some ideas and talk about any aspect of HGH
  • bodybuilders, record interviews in the gym, maybe even while working out
  • talk about your experience when buying HGH. Did you ever get scammed? did you get fake or low quality HGH in the past?
  • obviously we will not disclose any sources, but if you are buying on the "deep web" show us how it's done
  • can anyone get a doctor to talk about it openly? even if the doctor is totally against using HGH recreationally, let's hear the "other side" as well
  • can someone get a celebrity or anyone interesting enough to talk about it openly?
  • can someone do interviews with some supplement pushers, let us hear their sales pitch on why HGH sprays, pills and patches are great and safe while injectable HGH is horrible and scary
  • talk about pros and cons

When you are done, please send your videos to me

Since high quality videos will be large, we can use an uploading service like for example Upload your videos somewhere and email the links to me at In the email include any special instructions or preferences, let me know your name and/or credentials if you want it shown in the documentary.