What are the positive and negative effects of human growth hormone?


The effects depend on the dosage and start gradually. First ones are usually noticeable within a week of starting the daily injections.

Positive effects of growth hormone:

  • deeper sleep: You basically sleep like a baby. While on HGH people often wake up in the same position they fall asleep.
  • baby smooth skin: This is especially noticeable when you feel the texture of the back of your hand. Compare it with other people or take notice before you start the HGH cycle.
  • increased metabolism: The body burns carbs at a higher rate.
  • improved immune system
  • greater cardiac output
  • improved blood pressure
  • overall tissue regeneration: This includes regeneration of major organs which shrink with age.
  • stronger bones
  • increased sex drive (libido)
  • reduced body fat: This is especially noticed on the initial cycle, when the body is surprised by the sudden increase of growth hormone and does not know how to adapt at first. In the subsequent cycles the fat loss effects are usually not as drastic as the initial one.
  • higher energy levels
  • increased muscle mass: People who work out regularly usually see a drastic increase in muscle mass on the initial HGH cycle, and moderate increase on subsequent cycles. The HGH caused increase in muscle mass can not compare to the steroid caused increase. Steroids rapidly but temporarily increase the mass of the muscle cells while HGH causes creation of new muscle cells. Thus the muscle mass gain from steroids is faster but more short lived than the HGH gains, which come on gradually but persist for as long as the person is physically active.
  • increased endurance and exercise performance
  • faster regeneration after physical activity
  • improved cholesterol levels
  • improved sight and hearing
  • faster growth of hair and nails
  • prevent or alleviate muscle wasting (caused by various diseases)
  • faster recovery after severe burns or injuries
  • improve growth in children with short stature (caused by various diseases)
  • prevent or alleviate osteoporosis

Theoretical benefits of HGH:

It is rumored that growth hormone also causes regrowth of hair and wrinkle removal but in my experience this is not the case.

Negative effects of human growth hormone:

  • baby naps: While on HGH people often feel an inclination to take an afternoon baby nap. 10 to 30 minutes per day is enough for me.
  • carpal tunnel syndrome: Occasional feeling of "pins and needles" (as if your palms and fingers are falling asleep) is often observed by people who are taking daily doses of 4IU of HGH or higher. This is especially noticed following repetitive strain in the wrist area (during workouts, etc.) or when first waking up. This is caused by the increase of muscle mass in the wrist, which puts pressure on the carpal tunnel, through which the nerves are passing to your fingers and palms. This is a temporary side effects which goes away completely after the dosage is lowered or within 3 weeks after the cycle is discontinued. As long as it does not become unbearable the athletes usually continue with their growth hormone cycle desipte the carpal tunnel syndrome. This side effect is an issue only in initial cycles. In the subsequent HGH cycles the wrists have had the time to adapt and carpal is barely noticeable.
  • water retention: This is a desired effect for some, as it gives a more youthful, tight skin look and irons out minor wrinkles. At doses of 4IU and above, people often notice that their fingers feel a little swollen or face a little fuller. This is a temporary side effect which goes away when the dose is lowered or within 2 weeks after the cycle is discontinued.
  • morning aches: For the first few minutes after they wake up some people feel like they have been "through hell". It's a similar feeling when you do a heavy workout in the gym and wake up the next day. Slight pain in the fingers and toes, joints, muscles. After a few minutes the feeling goes away. While people are sleeping, the body is growing and regenerating - this is probably the cause of the morning pain. It might also actually be the gym workout of the prior day.
  • hypoglycemia: In the period when starting or ending the HGH cycle or modifying the dose, rapid drops of blood sugar may happen at any time. This is especially noticeable right after physical activity, so have a sugar bar handy. This is manifested as a sudden "hunger attack". It can last from up to 2 weeks after the HGH cycle has been ended.

Theoretical side effects of HGH:

  • acromegaly: Extremely high doses for prolonged period of time would likely cause acromegaly (enlargement of fingers, bones, organs). In practical use acromegaly would not happen even if a person took 4IU per day for 10 years straight.
  • growth of existing cancer: HGH makes the body regenerate faster and all the cells which can grow (hair, nails, skin), usually will grow faster. What does that mean for already existing cancer cells? Nobody knows for sure, but it's probably a good idea to stay away from HGH if you have cancer.