When comparing HGH and IGF-1, which one is stronger or better?


The first and most important difference to consider is that HGH works on everybody while IGF-1 long R3 does not. For an unknown reason the IGF-1 seems to work wonders on some people while producing absolutely no effect on others.

I personally am one of the unlucky ones, my body does not respond to IGF-1 LR3. In hopes of reproducing the good results from IGF praised by my friends I have given it a try at least 10 times within a few years time span. My supply was authentic, highest purity, fresh from the production line which I personally helped create.

Those who respond to IGF-1 long R3 describe amazing pumps during workouts, rapid increase in strength and good increase in muscle mass. I have observed these results on my friends. In this regards, IGF-1 can be described as "HGH on steroids". Both produce similar results, while IGF-1 does it faster (for those who respond to it).

Growth hormone does have some additional benefits (overall body rejuvenation, smoother skin, faster hair growth, and a dozen more) which IGF-1 does not. Because of that HGH is prefered by anti aging users. Growth hormone gradually increases the body's own IGF-1 production. At 4 IU of HGH per day, the IGF-1 levels would eventually increase up to 300% - this then causes muscle cells to build up, strength increase and bigger pumps during workouts.

IGF-1 LR3 is used for shorter periods, usually not more than 50 days. Growth hormone is used from 2 months upwards and it's muscle building effect becomes noticeable around 4 to 8 weeks into the cycle.

So which is better, growth hormone or IGF-1?

The answer comes down to these two points:

  1. If your goal is only to build muscles faster then IGF-1 is better. If you prefer the overall body rejuvenation as well as gradual muscle building, then HGH is better.
  2. Does your body respond to IGF-1 or are you one of the non-responders like myself? If you are a responder, then IGF-1 is better for you, otherwise HGH is the way to go.

Unfortunately there is no way of knowing if your body will respond to the IGF-1 long R3 until you give it a try. On the other hand everybody responds to HGH, but the muscle building effects are more gradual when compared with IGF-1.