Where can I buy HGH and not worry about injecting a potentially dangerous substance or getting scammed?


For those who can afford it the obvious first choice is to find an open minded doctor who is willing to prescribe somatropin for "recreational use".

Local doctor's prescription

Growth hormone can be prescribed by most doctors. Those who are likely to do so are sports medicine specialists, anti aging clinics or family doctors who know you well enough. When buying HGH through a local doctor get ready to pay the tenfold profit margin. The prices for "big pharma" somatropin brands range from $10 - $20 per IU and upwards.

Black market HGH

Until a few years ago growth hormone was perfectly legal for anyone to buy for personal use. The internet was full of online shops selling high quality HGH produced in China for around $3 per IU. The impact of cheaper asian HGH unlimited availability on the western markets drastically reduced the sales numbers of big pharma corporations. Throughout the years several Chinese brands gained the trust of western doctors, who begun prescribing it for their patients. It took some media exposure, celebrity scandals and big pharma lobbying to finally illegalize the "black market" HGH coming from abroad.

Nowadays trying to buy real growth hormone online can be mission impossible unless you are lucky enough to know a reputable source (in which case you would not be here reading this). There is an endless number of horror stories on the internet of people reporting anything from getting outright scammed, getting their shipment seized, getting a nasty immune reaction after injecting what they thought was real HGH, etc.

Some of the problems and dilemmas a would be buyer faces are these:

  • How do I know that what I am buying is actually real HGH?
  • If real, is the HGH proper 191 amino acid sequence or is it 192 mimick?
  • If real, is the HGH high quality or does it contain above normal level of bacterial residue left over from the manufacturing process?
  • What guarantee do I have that the seller will send anything after the payment is done?
  • How do sellers justify prices ranging from $2 per IU o $20 per IU?
  • When ordering from abroad: What guarantees do I have that the HGH will not be stopped by customs?
  • When ordering from abroad: What happens if my shipment is not delivered successfully?
  • A friend recommended a reputable source, however I found forum posts claiming that the source is fake. Now what?

Local black market

In every gym there are a few beefy, muscular guys who look like they live in the gym. If you can befriend one, they can usually put you in touch with a valid local supplier. Start slowly, you don't want to seem like an undercover agent. Ask them to show you how an exercise is done properly, compliment them on their hard work, ask for a few diet pointers, good protein brand, etc. Do this a few times. After a while you could bring up the topic of HGH and see what they know about it.

Buying HGH directly from the manufacturers

If you have good negotiation skills some Chinese manufacturers can be persuaded to let you buy directly from them. Finding the right ones can be tricky because there is a sea of scammers, counterfeiters, resellers and supplement pushers who will do anything they can to get to your money first.

If you can buy directly from the manufacturers they will usually protect their buyer's interests. If anything happens to the shipment while in transit, they will take the responsibility of finding a solution to the problem.

Online "rogue" pharmacies

There are probably hundreds of online pharmacies out there. The ones which are the easiest to find are the "brick and mortar" western-licensed pharmacies which sell western brands at tenfold prices and require a doctor's prescription.

Once you get past those, there are countless of "rogue" parmacies which may or may not sell real growth hormone.

The bad "rogue" pharmacies:

Those with prices too good to be true are most likely selling low quality/dangerous products (or outright scaming people). Such pharmacies pop up weekly, stick around for a few months and eventually get weeded out by the market (due to no returning customers for bad quality products) and/or burried by the competition of similar sellers who keep on creating new sites.

The good "rogue" pharmacies

Those might be difficult to find because they are "illegal" in the west (they undercut "Big pharma" proffits). They are often taken down by legitscript (a company who took it upon themselves to shut down "unlicensed" pharmacies. Legitscript somehow has the power to force western based domain registrars and web hosting companies to take down the websites which they don't approve of).

Some good "rogue" pharmacies have been able to adapt and survive. An example of such is 5kits.bz which has been around for almost a decade.


5kits online pharmacy has been the official distributor of Hypertropin since 2007. It used to be located at 5kits.com, however the .com domain was confiscated by legitscript a few years ago. Nowadays the real 5kits is located at 3 backup domain extensions: 5kits.me, 5kits.bz and 5kits.ws.

In the recent years scammers took advantage of this situation and created several fake 5kits sites to monetize on its popularity and solid reputation. At the time of this writing, there are 3 known scam sites (5kits.net, 5kitshgh.com and 5kits.biz). The operator of the fake sites will patiently talk to the victims until the money is sent.

Real 5kits: 5kits.bz, 5kits.ws, 5kits.me

Fake / scam sites: 5kitshgh.com, 5kits.net, 5kits.biz

5kits PGP Key

If in doubt, there is a way to verify whether 5kits is real and you are talking to the real Zhao Yong. You can encrypt a message using Zhao's PGP key. If he is able to decrypt it, then you have the right person. Here is his key:

Buying HGH online on the "deep web"

There is a parallel internet where illegal things and services are sold openly using Bitcoin crypto currency. If you decide to go down this path then anonymity should be your #1 priority. You should take a few days to educate yourself about Tor (the onion router), download and familiarize yourself with Tor browser or even better Tails live operating system. Google "deep web black market" there are youtube videos about it too. Some of the deep web sources might be outdated as some markets get shut down and new ones appear. There is also a search engine called "Grams" which allows the users to search through all of the black markets. You can find the .onion addresses on google or by using the privacy friendly search engine - duckduckgo.com.

Once you find the hidden websites you were looking for don't let your guard down. Deep web is full of scammers and counterfeiters too. Check every seller's reputation ratings (reviews) and make sure they previously sold some of the exact product you are trying to buy. Ask about their insurance policy - what happens if the shipment is gets stuck in customs, etc.

If you decide to buy from an unknown source, make sure you test the product by either complete lab analysis (expensive) or HGH serum test (cheap).