If you have a HGH related question which was not answered on this site, I can be contacted via Bitmessage (bitmessage.org). I will do my best to reply as soon as possible.

My Bitmessage address is: BM-Gto2azjGV66dgwonn9TcVpGc5yH46vQJ (I rarely check it these days).

My email is full of spam, there is a 90% chance I will not see your message. My address is info at somatropin.cn

The most common question sent to me is where I get my HGH from

About 90% of the emails I receive are asking where I get my HGH from or which source I recommend. I avoid answering this question to keep this site from being attacked by the "big pharma" attack dog - legitscript. They force western domain registrars to suspend domains of "rogue sites" or if the domain registrar in question is out of their jurisdiction they get Google to remove the site from the search results - equivalent to killing it.

How about just a hint?

Nobody can stop you from googling "5kits" If you can find Zhao, he is a good guy. From what I see he already lost 3 domains this year so you might have a hard time finding him, but he's out there.

UPDATE: If you search for Zhao, watch out for the copycat scam sites (5kitshgh.com, 5kits.biz and 5kits.net and a few more). Those are scam sites and will steal your money. There is an in depth explanation about the scams on 5kits.info