I am not selling anything and I do not seek financial gain from creating this website. I am simply fed up of reading all the nonsense and propaganda about human growth hormone and I have enough time and knowledge to try and rectify some of it.

Because the content on this website might be "sensitive" in some parts of the world, I prefer to remain anonymous. What I am willing to say about me is this:

During the past 25 years I have worked for two growth hormone manufacturers (first in USA, afterwards in China). I can pretty much assemble a somatropin production line blindfolded. I am now retired and not associated with any company. This website reflects my personal experience.

I believe in freedom of speech and I believe that every person should be free to do anything they want as long as their actions don't cause harm to others.

Personally I have been using HGH for well over a decade. Mostly I have used it recreationally, to get in shape after periods of inactivity. Occasionally I have used high doses, to recover after injuries and lately I have been using low doses for anti aging purposes.

During the years I have had the privilege of talking about and comparing the results with hundreds of frequent growth hormone users. I have heard and observed pretty much everything there is to learn about it.

This website is my contribution towards clearing all the idiotic misconceptions about growth hormone which are spread all over the internet by supplement salesmen, government "big propaganda" machinery, and dealers or companies trying to put their brand above others.